Introducing MX Linux 23.2 ‘Libretto’: The Latest and Greatest in FOSS News MX Linux has just released its highly-anticipated version 23.2, codenamed ‘Libretto’. And let me tell you, this update does not disappoint. With its powerful features and commitment to freedom and open source, ‘Libretto’ is set to make waves in the FOSS community. Not only is MX Linux known for its user-friendly and customizable nature, but it also boasts a solid performance that rivals its competitors. Trust me, you won’t find a better option for your computing needs. So why wait? Upgrade to MX Linux 23.2 ‘Libretto’ now and experience the best of FOSS news firsthand. Stay ahead of the game and join the thousands of satisfied users who have already made the switch. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself and see why MX Linux is the talk of the town.


Introducing MX Linux 23.2 – The Latest Release in 2024

MX Linux has taken the next step with their latest release, MX Linux 23.2, marking it as their first major release of the year. This marks a continuation from their highly successful 23.x release, which included major changes like a brand new logo.

If you are in search for a systemd-free distro that doesn’t get in your way, then look no further. MX Linux 23.2, built on Debian 12.4 “Bookworm” base, provides just that. It emphasizes on a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

🚀 What’s New in MX Linux 23.2?

MX Linux 23.2 packs a punch with its upgraded Linux kernel 6.1 and 6.6 “liquorix” for the AHS version perfect for newer hardware. The installer also features fixes for the “toram” live feature and an improved graphical user interface.

There is also a major update in audio/video handling, with the integration of PipeWire 1.0. Additionally, a new tool called “MX Locale” has been introduced for managing system locale information, default language, and more.

On the user interface front, MX Linux 23.2 has fixed the “mx-comfort-themes” and includes a new wallpaper, “MX Linux Desert Landscape”. Users can also experiment with different folder colors using the new tool “papirus-folder-colors”. The camera apps have also been updated and replaced with Guvcview and Webcamoid for Xfce and Fluxbox.

Moreover, the flagship desktop version of MX Linux now offers users the option for enabling auto-updates under the MX-Packageinstaller menu, in addition to updated firmware and Mesa libraries.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the changes, be sure to go through the release notes.

📥 Download MX Linux 23.2 Now!

Want to experience the newest MX Linux release? Head over to the official website for direct downloads or access to torrent files.

💬 Share Your Thoughts on MX Linux 23.2

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