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MX Linux has released version 23.3 “Libretto,” a fresh update to its MX-23 series (download here). For those already running MX-23, there’s no need for a complete reinstall, as all updates are available through the regular update channels. This third refresh brings a host of bug fixes, kernel updates, and application enhancements, making it a compelling choice for users considering a switch from Windows 11.

MX-23.3 is based on Debian 12.5 “bookworm,” ensuring a stable and reliable foundation. Among the notable updates, the inclusion of the “build-essential” packages stands out. This feature, previously available in MX-23.2, is crucial for users needing to compile drivers without internet access.

The installer’s OEM mode now allows users to select their preferred system language before setup begins, enhancing the user experience, especially for non-English speakers. This feature is already default on the RPI Respin release, making MX-23.3 more accessible to a global audience.

Pipewire 1.0, available in the test repository, continues to be part of the standard package, providing advanced audio handling capabilities not typically found in Debian distributions. This inclusion underscores MX Linux’s commitment to offering robust multimedia support out of the box.

The MX manual has been updated and divided into language-specific packages, and the MX Locale tool now includes a function to remove all manual packages except for the current system default language. This streamlines the user experience, ensuring that only relevant documentation is installed.

A significant technical enhancement is the addition of zstd compression to the live-remaster tool, which is part of the antiX live system. This feature improves the efficiency of live system remastering, benefiting those who frequently customize and repackage their live environments.

For users who prefer systemd, MX-23.3 introduces rudimentary support for it on the live system via the init=/lib/systemd/systemd boot code. While there are unmount errors at shutdown, these occur after the filesystem becomes read-only, minimizing potential issues.

The release also includes comprehensive kernel updates. The standard Xfce, KDE, and Fluxbox ISOs now run the latest 6.1.90 kernel, while the Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) version utilizes the 6.8.9 Liquorix kernel. The MX Raspberry Pi Respin has also been updated with the latest packages from the MX and RPiOS repositories.

Switching from Windows 11 to MX-23.3 offers several advantages. MX Linux’s lightweight and efficient design ensures that older hardware runs smoothly, providing a viable alternative to Windows 11’s more demanding system requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of essential packages, advanced audio handling, and robust language support makes MX-23.3 a versatile and user-friendly operating system.

For those seeking greater control over their computing environment, MX Linux’s flexibility and customization options outshine Windows 11. Whether you’re a developer needing build tools, a multimedia enthusiast, or a user with specific language needs, MX-23.3 “Libretto” offers a tailored experience that Windows 11 cannot match.

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