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Get Ready to Test MX Linux 23 RC1: The Ultimate Blend of Stability and Innovation!

Looking for some weekend fun? Look no further! MX-23 RC1 has officially arrived, promising a flawless combination of Debian 12 “Bookworm” and MX repositories.

With MX-23 RC1, You’ll Have the Best of Both Worlds

MX-23 stays true to its roots by default, using sysVinit. But for those who like options, systemd is still available for installation. This release goes beyond just a polished beta version, bringing a slew of bug fixes, new wallpapers and themes, translations, and updated apps to the table.

Installer Improvements: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The MX-23 RC1 developers are eager to hear your thoughts on the installer. A number of pesky bugs related to btrfs installations have been fixed, and swapfile support has been added in addition to swap partitions. The GUI has been revamped, features have been added to make legacy grub-pc updates smoother, and “dump” entries that were clogging your nvram have been cleared out.

Plus, an Essential Addition: Media Checking Functionality

Worried about booting issues? Worry no more! MX-23 RC1 lets you quickly check your media from the live boot menu before starting up.

The Exciting Desktop Variations of MX-23 RC1

MX-23 RC1 brings you a range of desktop versions to suit your preferences, including Xfce 4.18, Fluxbox 1.3.7, and KDE/Plasma 5.27. Accessibility has also been a top priority, with the inclusion of the Orca screen reader and a screen magnifier tool.

Enhancements Galore!

But that’s not all – MX-23 RC1 also comes with updated MX apps, jam-packed with bug fixes and enhancements. The MX Snapshot, which allows for customizable boot options, has received special attention. And after some unexpected troubles with nala, MX-Updater has switched back to using apt.

That’s Not All, Folks!

More enhancements await, such as the switch to pipewire and wireplumber instead of pulseaudio, UFW firewall enabled by default, and new configurations for the fluxbox release.

KDE/Plasma Tweaks for Ultimate Configuration

The KDE/Plasma version has received some adjustments to handle the new configuration options available in plasma 5.27. And don’t worry, root actions are still available in dolphin, including root dolphin instances through the root service menu actions.

  1. Give Your Feedback: Installer Testing Time
  2. The MX-23 RC1 team is eagerly awaiting your feedback on testing the installer, including traditional ext4 and btrfs installations, encrypted installs, and any bugs with MX-tools, particularly the mx-packageinstaller->popular apps entries. Note: Timeshift may not recognize a btrfs partition for snapshots if it’s on an encrypted partition.

  3. Ready to Take MX-23 RC1 for a Spin?
  4. Both 32-bit and 64-bit ISOs are available here. Hurry up and give MX Linux 23 RC1 a try!

Image credit: 3Dalia/Shutterstock

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